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The Future of Interactive Brand Engagement is Here (on Xbox LIVE)

This morning I came across a great Op-Ed by Mark Suster of GRP Partners entitled, “The Future of Advertising will be Integrated” (via TechCrunch).  The piece compelled me to break with tradition here on the site and respond. He notes, “[The] future of helping make the ad industry more measurable (and

Microsoft Tag comes out of Beta, over 1B served so far

Microsoft Tag is an interesting barcoding technology that works with your mobile phone for instant access to information, websites, videos, phone numbers, and more.  Smaller than QR codes and capable of embedding more information into a branded image. All you need is a small client app available for many major

E3 Roundup (The Story so Far and Project Natal)

It’s been a busy past 48 hours for the Microsoft team responsible for the E3 press briefing.  If ever there were concern that E3 has lost its luster, this was the presentation to prove otherwise.  A few of the highlights before I get into the rest: Sir Paul, Ringo, Yoko,

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