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Dell’s Adamo Thirteen is revealed

Announced via email, carrier pigeon, tweet, SXSW messenger,  and the interweb, Dell’s new luxury brand for PCs has launched with their new Adamo laptop. Featuring an etched unibody aluminum case or black (onyx), the new laptop sports: A 1.4/1.2 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Up to 4GB  of 800Mhz

Microsoft Store Launches Online in US, others to follow

Last night, Microsoft unveiled the official Microsoft Store online in the US, offering direct purchase of Microsoft products online, including the largest library of Microsoft digital downloads.  Additional countries will be coming soon including UK, Germany, Korea, Japan, France, Spain, and the Netherlands. If you’re looking for an Xbox 360

Roundup: Watching the Olympics Online (and in HD!)

Ahh yes, Olympics frenzy is upon us.  The time when countries cheer on their athletes in games of sport and goodwill.  It’s also a time when companies cheer on their contributions to the Olympic efforts and services available to keep tabs on the event which is lining up to be

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