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Your Rights: Understanding the PRO IP act

An interesting dialogue about consumer fair use rights happening right now.  I’m an advocate of protecting IP, but this bill (auspiciously named the PRO IP Act) goes way, way too far. I may not agree with all of Jeremy’s points (transmitting an MP3 intended for mass distribution is different from

Top 10 Sidebar Gadgets

Home sick and head is swimming in sudafed- a good time for a diversion. Pete asks what my Top 10 Sidebar Gadgets are. Here is my latest list: Weatherbug Traffic by Live Search App Launcher Gas Price Information Outlook Info Traveler’s Toolkit iTunes or The Zune Multimeter DriveInfo The Magic

Cool Gadget: Visual Voicemail (no iPhone needed)

Recently, I’ve been playing with a free Gadget for Vista Sidebar called, Visual Voicemail from CallWave and color me impressed. Stevie J is right – audio management of voicemail is a pain. CallWave on Cingular and other carriers can replace your existing voicemail system so that incoming calls are automatically

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