Sean Alexander

Thoughts are actions in rehearsal

Ryan Stewart and Long Zheng summed it up nicely.  This kind of banter and candor is why I work at Microsoft.  A CEO who will go, "Monkey Boy" just to please his customers.  Guy had some really nice things to say about the new Microsoft culture which was great to hear.  I’ll post the keynote …

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Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted.  A lot going on as of late so here’s a quick rundown on activities and topics I’m going to write about during flights: Mix Update. The teams have been working incredibly heard in preparation for the MIX conference next week.  I’ve seen a sneak preview of some …

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By popular demand, Bill Gates’ last day at the office video, courtesy of Channel 10. Bonus points if you can name all the cameos and the song he’s playing on Guitar Hero. 😉 Bill’s Last Day: The CES Keynote video /p>