IE9 Beta is wicked fast and simple.

I remember Dean Hachamovitch (Head if Internet Explorer) and I discussing IE7/8 internal builds in his office back in 2007.  I was complaining it wasn’t fast enough, still didn’t have a download manager and we seemed to take too long to release.  He noted Win7 would create a deep keel for IE to sail again, […]

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Will we get a little FaceTime with QuickTime?

When Apple announced FaceTime for iPhone 4, I couldn’t help but notice the similarity in name.  FaceTime seems like a great idea provided you have two people who both have iPhones and both have WiFi connections.  But what about people with Macs and/or Windows PCs who want to video chat with a friend with FaceTime?  Surely there’s […]

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A Primer: H.264 vs. VP8 Quality Shootout and What it Means

Note: All comments are my own and may not reflect those of my employer.  This is a living position so I retain my right to edit and note the edits below as the conversation evolves. For years when I worked on Web video and audio technologies from Xing MPEG, to Progressive Networks and RealNetworks, Windows […]

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