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Zune HD Official, Vista SP2 released, new WHS “Sweet Spot”

Quick notes before I’m off to work this AM: Zune HD has been announced with capacitive touchscreen, 16:9 OLED display, built-in HD Radio tuner, HD video out (w/ dock), WiFi streaming from Zune Marketplace, and a built-in Web browser.  More at the teaser site.  What’s hard to communicate in pictures

My Zunecard. Let the ridicule (and the roadtrip mix) begin

  Back when I first met with the Zune community team, I was a little skeptical of the plans for Zune Social.  Now I’m a  believer – I’m having too good of a time discovering music through the tastes of my friends on Xbox Live.  Yes, you too can regale

Give your feedback on Microsoft's Connected Entertainment Scenarios

One of my favorite people in eHome, Charlie Owen notes, "I’m going to head up an effort here at Microsoft between the Media Center, XBox and Zune teams to give you a set of resources which help you put our products together and begin to realize the ‘Connected Home’ dream." 

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