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Should Satellite Radio give up on Space?

Five years ago, I signed up for Sirius radio service. When my wife got a new car with a free preview of XM we became a two-service family.  Despite my protests, we continue to keep both services for the programming.  As my annual re-uppance on Sirius draws closer, I’ve started

Is Zune HD a sellout? (and Zune Video Marketplace on Xbox)

I’ve refrained from writing during the launch of Zune as I work with the team, but it’s clear folks are getting the word – Just like Windows 7, Zune makes people “more happy“.  Engadget is now reporting, “If various stores on the internet are to be believed, the Zune HD

Zune HD Official, Vista SP2 released, new WHS “Sweet Spot”

Quick notes before I’m off to work this AM: Zune HD has been announced with capacitive touchscreen, 16:9 OLED display, built-in HD Radio tuner, HD video out (w/ dock), WiFi streaming from Zune Marketplace, and a built-in Web browser.  More at the teaser site.  What’s hard to communicate in pictures

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