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Evolution of TV and Entertainment

Simple.TV brings MediaCenter to your iPad, almost

If you’re a Windows Media Center fan and have an iPad, iPhone, or other iDevice – be sure to check out Simple.TV.  The software is in beta, but does a good job of making your content portable by converting into H.264.  The content is then playable via a webpage (which

Ceton InfiniTV4-tuner Cable Tuner Reviewed

It’s been quiet in here, but something worth noting – Engadget’s review of the Ceton 4-tuner cable tuner.  In short, “What it really comes down to is that we love the InfiniTV 4.” At $400, it’s steep, but cheap at $100/tuner. http://hd.engadget.com/2010/03/30/ceton-infinitv-4-cablecard-tuner-review/ Now I just need 4 TV shows I

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