Nike+ GPS app now available for iOS, ditch the foot pod!

For over the past year, I’ve been running pretty regularly, something I’ve equated over the years to boring and likely to result in an injury since I had double Achilles tendon surgery as a 7yo kid.  But then my son had a similar surgery last summer (much less invasive) and I started to run for […]

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HowTo: Use Exchange ActiveSync with your Hotmail Account

Now you can use Exchange connectivity on your Hotmail account from your mobile device or compatible software.  POP3 and IMAP be gone – EAS is here.  From the announcement: Setup details: I encourage you to take a look at the phone-specific setup instructions and known issues at the Windows Live Solution Center page on Active […]

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Hotmail getting Exchange ActiveSync support on Monday

As reported by CNet, Hotmail will be getting Exchange ActiveSync support on Monday. What does this mean?  It means better syncing of your email including folder management, push notifications, delete, and more reliable overall connections between Hotmail, iPhone, Palm Pre, Windows Phone and any other phone including Android that supports ActiveSync or Exchange server connection. […]

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