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See Bill Gates' final CES keynote in Silverlight

The new Microsoft at CES site is up, and it’s powered by Silverlight. There are so many projects underway now it’s hard to keep track of them all and this was a great one to see.    What’s more, you’ll be able to watch the keynote live in-page with Silverlight or

Microsoft employees try out new technology at home

Todd Bishop of the Seattle P-I provides a glimpse into the Take-Home testing that many of us do on digital home technologies at Microsoft.  Scott and Hakkan are two of the guys I’ve had the pleasure of working with in the past – nice to see inside their homes.  Which

HowTo: Geek out your Holiday Parties & Family Get Togethers

Every year, I pore over my Christmas music looking to create the ultimate mix for that cocktail get-together with the neighborhood friends, the perfect in-car mix for shopping, the Christmas Eve Classical mellow-out of young children, and the anthem to which tiny feet run down the stairs Christmas morning.  Yes,

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