See Bill Gates' final CES keynote in Silverlight

The new Microsoft at CES site is up, and it’s powered by Silverlight. There are so many projects underway now it’s hard to keep track of them all and this was a great one to see.    What’s more, you’ll be able to watch the keynote live in-page with Silverlight or

In the DVD War Over High Definition, Most Buyers Are Sitting It Out

The NY Times this AM is running an article on the ongoing battle between HD DVD and Blu-Ray. Frankly I’m getting pretty tired of the whole thing.  The video quality is better – noticeably better than DVD but would I not watch a movie because it wasn’t available in my

Talking about Media and Silverlight 2.0

I’ve written here about Silverlight 1.0’s capabilities to support rich media delivery with video and audio delivery and with ScottGu’s update on Silverlight 2.0, I figured it’s time for an update on all the goodness that is happening When we think about Silverlight and media, we really think about content

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