Sean Alexander

Thoughts are actions in rehearsal

I’ve refrained from writing during the launch of Zune as I work with the team, but it’s clear folks are getting the word – Just like Windows 7, Zune makes people “more happy“.  Engadget is now reporting, “If various stores on the internet are to be believed, the Zune HD is selling out in a …

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By popular demand, Bill Gates’ last day at the office video, courtesy of Channel 10. Bonus points if you can name all the cameos and the song he’s playing on Guitar Hero. 😉 Bill’s Last Day: The CES Keynote video /p>

I’m watching the CES 2008 keynote right now, streaming live on the web with Microsoft Silverlight at  I’m so happy they allowed the funny video with a long cast of celebs in the simulcast.  I have four streams going right now for test purposes. Kudos to the istreamplanet team for keeping up with the …

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