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Of Sonos PLAY:1 and a new generation of music lover

There are few consumer electronics devices that have elicited delight from me like Sonos.  I’m fortunate enough to have worked with the company in the past, to help test their products over the past six years.  As a result, I’ve become a customer over and again Sonos powers the outdoor

Why Nest will make me love Pizza again

I hate Pizza. And cookies.  Ok, I don’t really hate them, but every time I make a frozen pizza, our smoke alarm goes off.  Don’t get me wrong – our oven is clean and there is no smoke, but our building contractor in their infinite wisdom chose to strategically place

Of Birthdays and Unusual Gadgets

Yesterday was my 34th birthday and I had a wonderful time with family at home while our roof was being replaced (cedar shingles) with a next-gen composite roof (another topic for another time).  Despite the hammering, we had a great dinner and this year, my mom gave me a Thermapen,

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