We’re getting married!

You are the star of each night, you are the brightness of every morning, you are the story of each guest, you are the report of every Land. No evil shall befall you, on hill nor bank, in field or valley, on mountain or in glen, neither above, nor below, neither in sea, nor on […]

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HowTo: Halloween Fun Outdoor FX

(Updated 9/2013 to include AtmosFearFX, new projectors) Americans are projected to shell out over $5.8 billion dollars on Halloween, between a costume, candy and decorations.  In our household, my wife really gets into Halloween costumes but for me it’s all about the opportunity to play junior Disney Imagineer with fun effects.  Based on the feedback […]

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Seattle loves Boston!

Last monday, under an overcast and stormy Seattle sky, I took my son to his first Little League practice as a member of the Boston Red Sox. Despite being a coast away from Boston, our hearts go out to our friends, family, and the community of Boston, MA. Thank you Boston and to all of […]

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