BBQHawks.comSince I got my first smoker in 1998, I’ve been messing around with BBQ, grilling and tech, sometimes all three together.  In 2011, at the urging of friends and family I started a blog where we could share tips, tricks and more. Sadly the site fell into disrepair a few years ago as my focus turned away from culinary outlets to well frankly, making sure my sons and I got through a tough divorce.

With that all behind us now, I’ve restarted the blog with a new name, and a new logo @ courtesy of a competition I ran on 99Designs. Friends from the Pacific Northwest will recognize the bird. 😉 The site is predominately written by me, however there will occasionally be guest contributors (if you’re interested, email me).

One of the things I love about this outlet is it combines my love of gadgetry, photography, chemistry, culinary, engineering, and FIRE. Bring them all together and you have an intense combination. You can see an example of how I like to hack these together in my post on how to build an outdoor kitchen.

Big thanks to my best friend and significant other for encouraging me to get started again.  As for friends, co-workers, and family – let’s cook!

Pork Tenderloin on Big Green Egg
An example of a recent cook on the Big Green Egg.

This site will stay predominately focused on Consumers and Developers of digital experiences. You may see some cross-posts from time to time, particularly around BBQ gadgetry. For example, I’m currently into 3D printing my own BBQ Temperature controller – a topic for an upcoming post.

Check out what we have on the site and stay tuned for more from our Cascade Loop Road Trip soon at, on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.