Tesla updates Tech Package for October 2013

As of October 18, Tesla Tech Package Updatethe Tesla Motors Model S is now available with power folding, heated side mirrors.  This oft-lamented missing feature will set new Tesla buyers back about $250 but is another great example of how Elon Musk and his engineers at Tesla Motors are iterating on the design.

In a brief call, Tesla Motors confirmed this is a part of a new “October Tech Package Update” and is available to some who have already reserved and/or confirmed your order.  This, “Just in Time” (JIT) adjustment is actually my second so far and the process has been seamless.  For me, the lack of this feature almost set me back from buying the car due to a very small clearance on either side of my garage door.  It’s sure to help with courteous parking as well in cramped parking spots.

The only downside I see is the mirrors do a good job of estimating how wide the rear of the car is.  The rear quarter panels do flare out a bit.  Either way, for me this is $250 well spent.