Bing for iPad: First Thoughts

BingPadLast Thursday (April 7), the free Bing for iPad app was officially released into the wild.  Since then, it’s hit #1 on Apple’s Marketplace and it’s easy to see why – it’s like a swiss army knife for search and discovery of contextually-relevant content.  From voice-recognition to easy to understand gestures that use a standard swipe, this app is the future of NUI-enabled Search.  My favorite features are the seamless integration of weather, search, stocks, and what’s trending.

I just wish there was a little more social integrated into the experience.  Today it feels like I’m getting half the equation by consuming content vs. being an integrated part of the experience like you see on Stumbleupon and Twitter while sitting down watching TV (the primary place I use my iPad).  Perhaps someday the two can come together?  Tie together with Comcast’s (EBIF-based) remote record and control APIs and I could see a really interesting scenario where I search for trends on TV, and set my STB to remote record, all right from within the app.  Are you listening MVPD’s?

One response to “Bing for iPad: First Thoughts”

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