Simple.TV brings MediaCenter to your iPad, almost

SimpleTV_Logo_medium_full_aspect_mediumIf you’re a Windows Media Center fan and have an iPad, iPhone, or other iDevice – be sure to check out Simple.TV.  The software is in beta, but does a good job of making your content portable by converting into H.264.  The content is then playable via a webpage (which calls the built in video player on your iDevice) or sync to your device via a Podcast created in iTunes.  It’s a hub and spoke model with the website at being your starting point as opposed to a dedicated iApp.

I have been testing the beta software ( using a Silicon Dust HDHomerun and Windows Media Center.  and it works as-advertised but is rough around the edges on the video compression end.  I recorded an HD QAM signal from our local ABC affiliate and about a five seconds into the video, audio sync was lost and frame compression issues started to show up on my Intel Core i5.  It’s a beta though I will probably uninstall until it is a little more stable.

Most of my suggestions/gripes are related to the branding consisting of a weird space-bunny with TV visor?  Maybe do a competition on to get the best logo. And the way it integrates into iTunes as a podcast – “Unknown Category” is not very discoverable. There are other details I’m sure will be fixed – visit and I get a Bad Hostname error. I don’t want to have to add “www.” on every device.

There are other solutions out in the market as well. If you have a Mac, Elgato’s EyeTV now supports Live TV streaming as well as on-demand playback on an iPad via a dedicated app.

Here’s to hoping Simple.TV lives up to its name.  I know some of the folks building the app and suspect it’s only a matter of time.