Sean Alexander

Thoughts are actions in rehearsal

When Apple announced FaceTime for iPhone 4, I couldn’t help but notice the similarity in name.  FaceTime seems like a great idea provided you have two people who both have iPhones and both have WiFi connections.  But what about people with Macs and/or Windows PCs who want to video chat with a friend with FaceTime?  Surely there’s an app for that?

Well, not really, at least so far.  That got me to thinking – what if the expected FaceTime application is on its way?  What’s the best way of rapid distribution?  QuickTime immediately comes to mind.  QuickTime is primarily about video consumption, but it’s also about video creation with the QuickTime Pro set of features.  It’s been bundled with iTunes for some time now.  It’s lightweight enough to support chat features as a merging with iChat.  iChat used to be called iChat AV, but do you really need three separate apps that all play video?  What if QuickTime were to be reborn as the universal video client for consumption and creation? Hmm…