This Windows release is designed to crash

What happens when three Microsoft engineers decide to enter the Red Bull Flugtag? Windows Project Phoenix, that’s what.  The Seattle Times front page this morning takes a look at the team and the seriousness of this competition:

The competition, at least for showmanship, is stiff. A 7-Eleven team is building a giant flying Big Gulp. A women’s team from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo has proposed a giant flying Peep. One team is working on a giant hand that will launch a pilot in a paper airplane, set to the M.I.A. song “Paper Planes.” A group of Navy trainers called “Team Roundhouse” has a plane with a giant Chuck Norris head.

This is a topic that has to be featured at next year’s Gnomedex which sadly I’m going to miss this weekend due to a prior commitment out of town.  Good luck to Mike, Lucas, Brian, and the whole team.