Zune HD Update, Xbox 360 Updates now available

 In case you missed it yesterday, Microsoft shipped a few new updates. 

  • Zune HD – The first was the Zune HD 4.5 update which adds more codec support, a number of performance updates and the swanky new Music Marketplace when connected to your TV via an AV dock.  If you have a Zunepass, you can browse play and download music direct from your TV.  Last night in the Alexander house, the kids picked music from the Top Kids list and we watched photo slideshows of them when they were littl(er).  You’ll also find Smart DJ as a feature on-device.  So fire up Zune HD and connect it to Zune to get the update.
  • Xbox 360 USB Drive Support – Now you can use up to 16GB of USB storage devices to load up profiles, game saves, and downloadable content.  No more clunky hard drives, rejoice!  Just connect to Xbox LIVE and update away