NControl mixes iPhone and Windows 7 Media Center together like PB and Chocolate

A quick visit over to and I found the latest release of NControl – a versatile Windows Media Center remote control app for iPhone.  NControl is a free iPhone/iPod Touch application that allows you to use your iPhone/iPod Touch as a remote control for your Media Center. It enables users to browse through pictures, video, recorded shows, tv channels, as well as navigate the Media Center interface. It also has a set of standard buttons found on traditional remotes such as play, pause fast forward, rewind, stop, mute and volume.  I really like the tactile “swipe” feature for scrolling through the Windows 7 Media Center menu.

NControl Media Center plugin is also a free download. This plugin will allow the NControl iPhone application to communicate with Media Center and Media Center Extenders. Feel free to install it on as many machines as you please.

Here’s to hoping for a Zune HD version in the future 😉

Download NControl here.