Windows 7 now showing up in Microsoft Store, new Box Art confirmed

US_Prd_Bx_Tilt_L_Win_7_GenericCourtesy the Microsoft Store online (and Long Zheng), here you can see the official Windows 7 box artwork.   Come October 22nd, when you walk into a Best Buy, Dixons, or other major retailer this is what you’ll want to look for if you’re looking to upgrade to Windows 7.

One can imagine that most of the visual identity seen in-store will cue off this refresh.  Personally, I think it’s well done.  On first read it’s simple, clear, and straightforward (like the OS).  Even the messaging reinforces:

  • Get faster, more responsive performance
  • Stream media in your home
  • Simplify the way you work

Feel free to post your thoughts below.

3 responses to “Windows 7 now showing up in Microsoft Store, new Box Art confirmed”

  1. I’m confused. How did you draw all of that just from boxart?

  2. Might have to use windows again.