HowTo: Add Hulu Desktop to Windows Media Center

Mike Garcen of MissingRemote has a good article about integrating the new Hulu Desktop application with Windows Media Center.  Thanks to support for appropriate WMC keymappings and a little XML ingenuity, you can directly launch and navigate the Hulu app from within Windows Media Center.  I’ve confirmed this works (mostly) with Windows 7 as well, though getting the tile to work appropriately is still a bit of a challenge.

The other challenge is returning to WMC when you’re done with Hulu Desktop.  Pressing the “Green Button” will return you to WMC, but Hulu will continue to run in the background.  This is pretty annoying when you accidentally hit the button during playback in a Pavlovian action to pull up the main menu.  Hopefully the good folks at Hulu will see it fit to improve integration.

Tip: Read Mike’s article to the end for Yaggs simplified steps.

One response to “HowTo: Add Hulu Desktop to Windows Media Center”

  1. Great tip. Integrating Hulu with Media Center makes great sense. Hopefully this should be easy to do with Windows7 once it’s out.