Zune HD Official, Vista SP2 released, new WHS “Sweet Spot”

zuneHD Quick notes before I’m off to work this AM:

  • Zune HD has been announced with capacitive touchscreen, 16:9 OLED display, built-in HD Radio tuner, HD video out (w/ dock), WiFi streaming from Zune Marketplace, and a built-in Web browser.  More at the teaser site.  What’s hard to communicate in pictures is that it just feels good in the hand.  More details next week. 😉
  • Acer has launched a $399 1TB Windows Home server setting a new sweet spot. Suddenly my homegrown system is a lot less cool. (eHomeUpgrade)
  • Vista SP2 was released yesterday.  Lots of updates but perhaps most notable is Windows Search 4.0 which will speed up searches on your computer.  Most consumers will get it via Windows Update but if you cannot wait and wish to download direct, get it here.
  • D7 Updates. Walt Mossberg’s The Wall Street Journal’s confab is off to a roaring start with, “The Guys from Twitter” talking from what looks like chairs taken off the Star Trek movie set. Too bad the online schedule doesn’t tell you who is speaking and when. 🙁

Ed. Note: We had a little hiccup on the Web server.  Should be all fixed now.