Dell’s Adamo Thirteen is revealed

pearl_hero_shotAnnounced via email, carrier pigeon, tweet, SXSW messenger,  and the interweb, Dell’s new luxury brand for PCs has launched with their new Adamo laptop. Featuring an etched unibody aluminum case or black (onyx), the new laptop sports:

  • A 1.4/1.2 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
  • Up to 4GB  of 800Mhz DDR3 dual-channel memory
  • 13.4in 16:9 display with edge to edge glass
  • 128 GB SSD standard
  • Wireless N & Bluetooth 2.1
  • One RJ45 port (what, no mention of Gigabit Ethernet?)
  • Optional  Mobile broadband
  • More than 5 hours of battery life on a single charge
  • Full Size backlit keyboard

The unit is only .65in thick and starts at $1999.  Fully tricked out, the “Jet-setter package” starts at $3,088 and includes an Ecru Tumi sleeve, mobile internet via a copy of Microsoft Office Home and Student and an external DVD-RW.

I’m not sure why they chose this economy or the unlucky-in-some-states number “Thirteen” as the moniker for the unit, but it definitely has drool factor. I’m looking forward to hearing how it performs.  The most valuable feature in my opinion is- at that price, does it come devoid of the bloatware that ships on most new PCs and a free update to Windows 7?

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One response to “Dell’s Adamo Thirteen is revealed”

  1. Couple of more interesting facts about the Adamo 13: it is slated to be the “world’s thinnest laptop , Apple’s MacBook Air is only .76″ thick (3 lbs),the Dell Adamo 13 is also supposed to be better than the MacBook Air on features and price, it is not a netbook, plus the word Adamo means “to fall in love with” in Latin and Im sure we all will fall for it.
    Moreover the Adamo may utilize a .14″ panel from Samsung and is likely to include a Blu-Ray drive.