Windows 7 Thoughts

Watching the rollout of Windows 7 Beta, I have been pleasantly surprised by the number of friends and colleagues (outside Microsoft) that have asked if they should try it.  Generally they’re a mix of XP and Vista users and new to the “beta craze” seen during the Windows 95 days.  It this Win95 redux?  No, I don’t think so (it was a different time) but as consumers are looking to get more value out of their existing purchases – from buying tracks for Rock Band and Lips, to keeping that car going a little longer – Windows 7 is seen as having the promise of doing the same for your PC. That said, Windows 7 will also present a great opportunity to upgrade for many after trying out the beta on an older machine laying around.  If it performs well, just imagine what it can do on a new PC.

So, my guidance is this:  If you have an older PC sitting around that you don’t mind turning into a weeknight/weekend project – go ahead and download the beta.  Here are a few resources to get you started:

My prediction – touch interfaces are here to stay, and will be most impactful on a PC.  Just looking at the buzz Microsoft Surface generated a few years ago, followed by the iPhone/iPod Touch ushering a new generation of gestural interfaces.  Windows 7 will be able to support touch as well as a mouse and keyboard.  Just keep those fingers clean ;).

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  1. just wondering if Windows Media Encoder works on Windows 7. It doesn’t on Vista unless you enjoy missing audio (stutter) every few seconds. Is Microsoft going to release an update that allows you to do a screen capture in Windows Media Encoder? Or is Vista, Media Encoder and/or Windows Media Player crippled in Vista?

    A very disappointed long-time loyal customer

  2. Are we talking about Windows Mobile?