Zune Software Updated, Price Drop for Holidays

216x165mixviewwhiteHot on the heels of releasing the Zune 3.0 release in September, the Zune team went into full swing this week for the holiday season:

  • Starting with a new Zune TV spot during Monday night’s episode of Heroes.  The ad is funky and features crossover DJ/Artist Common and featuring the Mixview feature I’m officially addicted to for exploring new artists.  Apparently we’ll be seeing the ad during NFL games, and a lot of playtime on MTV networks.
  • Then came the Zune 3.1 update on Tuesday.  Three new games: Checkers, Sudoku, and Space Battle add some WiFi-multiplayer action as well as updates to Zune Social, and rounding off some edges in the software and firmware
  • And lastly, a Zune price drop for US and Canada (the current markets for Zune). Flash-based devices and accessories dropped for the 4GB from $129.99 to $99.99, and 8GB from $149.99 to $139.99. Additional details on accessory price drops can be found on Cesar’s Zune Insider Blog here.  You should find the new prices at ZuneOriginals.net and major retailers.

If you’ve been wondering what Zune is all about, my recommendation is to download Zune and take advantage of the free trial period. Remember there’s a large library of DRM-free MP3s waiting inside if you prefer to go the non-subscription route.  If you like what you see, the rest is up to you and your wish list. :)  As always you can make fun of browse my music collection with ZuneTag: Vhyper.