Flip MinoHD released, your Holidays in HD?

PJ-AN617_MOSSBE_G_20081111185248There are a few essentials my wife has in her purse and/or diaper bag – wallet, snacks for kids, emergency juice box, and a Flip Mino video camcorder. It’s so fast and easy to use for the first time she’s taking home videos on a pretty regular basis (vs never before). We have a great Canon HV20 that shoots 720p video but I’m the only one that seems to use it.

I’ve been on an HD kick, shooting all our home video on the Canon when I can think of it, but it turns out a lot of our video is now shot on the Mino.  This grates on my nerves because the quality has been so poor compared to the Canon.  Enter the new Flip MinoHD announced just today.  For $180, only $50 more than the original Mino, you get 1280×720 (720p) video in a tiny package that fits in any bag.  The Mossberg Solution wasn’t so keen on the companion software and there’s few details so far other than it records in MPEG4.  There’s also no optical zoom on the camera which is disappointing but for capturing those quick moments, this looks to be a winner with fewer compromises in video quality.  I’ll post more with videos over the weekend after I’ve had a chance to put one through its paces.

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One response to “Flip MinoHD released, your Holidays in HD?”

  1. I actually don’t mind the quality of the original Flip so much. It was good enough for capturing spur of the moment footage, but I am looking forward to the Mino HD. I don’t think I ever used the original software, I’d import directly into iMovie.

    My biggest gripe with the Flip models so far has been the sound quality. If you’re outside and there’s a modicum of wind then the audio goes to hell. It doesn’t look like this has been improved for the Mino HD, but fingers crossed!