Outstanding overview of Windows Media Center in Windows 7

Music Now Playing Interactive ModeMy old buddy Charlie Owen has posted an outstanding overview of Windows Media Center in Windows 7.  This oft-overlooked feature is getting a number of refinements. While PDC is focused on developers, there is a lot of goodness happening here.  A few of my favorites:

  • Turbo Scroll- an essential for those of us with large libraries
  • Refined Album Art Presentation
  • A great new Now Playing view with animated album art
  • Shared Libraries – yep, that’s right – navigate Photos, Music, Video and even Recorded TV stored on other computers in your Home Group
  • Pictures with Ambient Slideshows and Ratings – more needed refinement
  • The Slideshow Creator – Now just give me the ability to order the photos to tell a story.
  • For Video, H.264 playback out of the box.  Yes, you heard that right.  Even on Media Center Extenders.
  • Bookmarking for videos so you can return to where you left off.
  • HD Pivot in the Movies Guide


Kudos to the Media Center team.  Apparently I need to start testing again.  Time to dust off my old(er) PC for some Windows 7 goodness.  Beta can’t come fast enough.