Sonos ZP90 and ZP120 Released with more Wireless Goodness

SonosA few weeks ago I got a call from the good folks at Sonos asking if I would be interested in reviewing their latest under embargo.  No problemo I explained.  Subsequently I had the good fortune to receive a ZP90 and ZP120 for testing.  I had recently written about the frustration I had during a block party that my ZP100 was too far for reliable control from our front yard, resulting in some strange body movements to get it to pick up.  The new ZP120 and ZP90 units use MIMO wireless technology and "SonosNet 2.0" to up to double the reception range and I can affirm that this is a definite help- block partygoers will be pleased.  The changes also benefit the controller which sadly, hasn’t been updated.  Another benefit though is the update to the Sonos software, which now supports music collections with up to 65,000 tracks, and $200 in free music offers.

The ZP120 is a much smaller (and cooler temp) package than the ZP100, and I’ll be posting a video review over the weekend comparing the two.  Between changes to the power amp and losing the 10/100 Ethernet hub (you get two ports, one in, one passthru).  I would have liked to have seen at least one extra Ethernet port since my ZP100 doubles as an ethernet hub in my home entertainment system. The overall size is only 7.3in wide by 8.15in deep, a definite improvement and the sound is so good, I would recommend a Sonos to any music enthusiast who A) Loves to entertain and B)Has $499 to burn on the ZP120, or $999 for the bundle including the diminutive ZP90 and ZP120.  More over the weekend.

One response to “Sonos ZP90 and ZP120 Released with more Wireless Goodness”

  1. Looks like very nice improvements. Now if they could just add a Phil Collins filter.