TiVo Summer Update (9.4) Updates

Tip o’ the hat to Dave Zatz for details on the new TiVo update being rolled out. Reportedly all boxes are being updated by the end of the month. Here are the details:

  • Play or Delete a Folder
    Play or delete an entire folder of programs with a single button press (including kids shows, music videos ext). Highlight a folder and press PLAY to play all the shows in sequence. Pres CLEAR to delete the entire folder.
  • Browse the Guide Any Time
    Press the GUIDE button to display the program guide over what you’re watching: live TV, a previously recorded program, or even a video download.
  • Jump Forward in the Guide
    When the Guide is on-screen, press the ADVANCE to jump 24 hours ahead. Press INSTANT REPLAY to go back 24 hours.
  • Find a Station in the Guide
    Now you can search for a station “call sign” within the Guide, e.g. KQED, WPIX, MSNBC. When viewing the program guide, press ENTER to bring up Guide Options, then SELECT Find by call sign.
  • Toggle Closed Captioning On and Off
    The Closed Captioning icon in the Channel Banner now toggles closed captioning on and off.
  • Review Thumb Ratings
    To display a list of all programs that you have rated, select Find Programs, then TiVo Suggestions. Press ENTER to bring up the Review Thumbs screen

Dave notes this is probably a prep update for the SDV Tuning Adapter a # of us are sure to need soon. I completely agree with Dave’s assessment – it would be good to get an updated roadmap on HD support and additional service offerings in the future.  Music, Photos etc. is looking pretty stale these days.  If the iPhone can deliver such a anexperience in a small package, certainly TiVo could do some pretty amazing things.