Apple's Mobile Me doesn't (fully) support popular browsers

CaptureI just tried to launch Apple’s new Mobile Me service and was surprised by this notfication when launching with Internet Explorer 7.  This is something I haven’t seen covered in any of the major trades or even Apple’s own site until now which has up until now noted that IE would be supported which I guess is technically true.    It’s also interesting the ordering of the buttons below.  Normally I’d expect "Get Safari" to be on the far-right.  When other services don’t support Firefox, users get up in arms.  I wonder whether Apple will hear similar complaints (or respond) over this decision.  I suspect not since to get the full benefit of Mobile Me, you have to be willing to move your primary email address to a new domain. In today’s day and age, I don’t see a lot of people other than the Apple faithful shelling out $90+ a year for email when you can get it for free in so many places. Is Push email worth that cost?  POP3 works just fine thanks.

All of this will be moot with the release of Internet Explorer 8 I suspect, but will you see a "Get IE8" button at the bottom?  Not likely.

3 responses to “Apple's Mobile Me doesn't (fully) support popular browsers”

  1. Anonymous Coward Avatar
    Anonymous Coward

    POP3? Seriously? If standards-noncompliance IE7 is good enough for you, then I suppose you have no use for even IMAP. And although IMAP isn’t perfect, in today’s day and age it’s worlds better than no syncing at all.

  2. Christopher Morgan Avatar
    Christopher Morgan

    And I wonder when gmail and IE8 will play ball… beta 1 certainly isn’t happy… 🙁

  3. POP3 is what my mailserver is set up to support vs. IMAP. My main point is push isn’t important enough for me to try and move all my email to a new address. Maybe if I could to an MX reroute in DNS and keep my domain but no thanks as it stands today.