Data Robotics releases new Drobo 2.0

Drobo Those who know this site also know I’m a fan of the Data Robotics Drobo.  I’ve caught some heat from product managers for other comparable products because I just don’t think they match the capabilities of this little device.  One area I’ve been disappointed about however is performance.  The Drobo docks massive amounts of storage in a small, rock-solid little unit but it’s S L O W when doing large transfers.  That’s why I’m keen on today’s announcement of the new Drobo 2.0 with a faster processor, faster USB 2.0 and new Firewire 800 performance options.  I recently moved my home Media Center into a single desktop system with a Quad-core and it’s been working without a hiccup using my Drobo as the primary storage for all media except for two things:  1) Hard Drive spinup lag when the drives haven’t been used in a while, and 2) that pesky data transfer performance.  I have two  HDTV (OCUR) tuners connected via USB as well as sundry peripherals and haven’t seen any perf issues fortunately, though I would

I’m eager to try out the new Drobo 2.0 and may pick one up – but if I have to transfer over all of my existing nearly 2GB of Drobo 1.0 content to the Drobo 2.0 via the original’s sluggish USB, that may be a deal-breaker.  I’m hoping I can swap the drives out and the new 2.0 device will pick up where the 1.0 left off.  I have email into the folks at Data Robotics to learn more on that topic and a few other – will report back here.  Thomas Hawk also has an excellent review here.

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  1. Please tell me you mean "nearly 2TB"!