Zune launches new service for Music, Video linking

image Over the years, I’ve been stymied when I’ve wanted to link to an artist, album, playlist, podcast, or just about anything on Zune via the Web.  Prior to this feature, there was just no way to link directly from the Web (a feature iTunes has had for some time).  Thankfully, the Zune team has quietly launched their ZuneLinks service for sharing links to Zune Marketplace and Zune Social.  So if you have a podcast to share or music you like, you can now link up.


My personal favorite, the Zune Social experience.  The links take you directly to Zune Social where you preview the songs, see stats on listenership, read a review and more:

  • Linkin Park
  • Jimmy Buffett
  • Alice in Chains
  • Collective Soul 


And a few podcast examples linking to marketplace:

  • The Chris Pirillo Show
  • The Family Guy FOXCast
  • The Media Center Show


Feature suggestions I’ve sent to the team:

  • A Copy to Clipboard button
  • <img border=”0″ .> 🙂
  • Convincing the team (or an enterprising enthusiast) to develop an add-in for Windows Live Writer.

How would you improve the experience?

3 responses to “Zune launches new service for Music, Video linking”

  1. And of course… I dislike this implementation of the links.

    Yes, this is handy to go to a specific place in the marketplace and add a podcast or whatnot but what about the rest of the people who don’t have Zune installed? Crappy experience for them.

    Why not link to the web site and then provide a zune interface from there?
    The link below is what you see if you search Zune for Ben Folds.
    It looks awesome. You get a nice view of the artist and their work, sure, not as nice as the zune marketplace view but nicer than a link to an app that most people don’t have.

  2. Thanks for good news, and for the link))

  3. Dangit. Why can’t Zune software exist on OS X? Write it in Silverlight!