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AT&T and Starbucks have finally rolled out free WiFi to Starbucks Card users registered with AT&T.  The catch is that this is actually an ad-funded service- in exchange for letting AT&T send you four emails a year, you get a single WiFi session of up to two-hours per day at ~7000 US-based stores.  Nice.

Free AT&T WiFi now at Starbucks – Engadget

2 thoughts on “Free AT&T WiFi now at Starbucks – Engadget

  1. AT&T and Starbucks at last that have undertaken heads if it has occured earlier that of users could be much more.

  2. Scott says:

    It would be interesting to see what this affect this has on Starbuck’s bottom line. Will they turn into the impromptu meeting space?

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