Shameless Plug

Ryan_Duvall_Days_#14My son was recently named a finalist in a recent photo competition – voting ends Thursday with the winners to be announced during the Duvall Days parade next week which he will be participating in.  So I’m asking for your votes.

Voting closes this 4pm PST Thursday. Each person is allowed to vote once a day, but there is no restriction on getting family and friends to vote from all over the country. That is where you come in. Please copy/paste #14 below and email to once a day thru Thursday. Ryan appreciates your votes!

All entries can be viewed at

Please copy/paste this list into your email vote:

3-4 years = #14

As for the pic – my son had his first "big boy bike crash" the day before.  My wife and the photog thought the band-aids would work well in the pic.  I agree.

If he wins, I’ll post a picture of me in the same pose after crashing my bike.  Sorry, won’t shave my head this time 🙂

Image Copyright (C)Serendipity Pictures

2 responses to “Shameless Plug”

  1. You have our 6 votes! Good luck.