Live Mesh Announced

At last I can talk about Live Mesh – Dave Zatz you got it right. Many articles have now been written on the topic, such as Mary Jo’s, On10’s Video Demos, TechCrunch, the NYT’s John Markoff, Scoble, and the Beeb so I won’t rehash that here. What I will say is that it’s changing how I work fundamentally, even in it’s nascent form. I’m storing most of my documents and recent photos in the “Cloud” for easy and secure access from work and home. I’m using Remote Access to “RAS” into my office computer from my Mac. And when I’ve been away from home, I’ve been able to retrieve documents using the web-based UI. And soon, sync with Mac and other devices.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Live Mesh is a computing platform, a merging of software + services that seems simple in concept. What winsock was to enabling the Internet on Windows, Mesh can and should be the same to personal sync, network app enablement and so much more. It’s hard to see what’s on the Horizon (wink), but this is the platform that I really hope developers stand up and take notice of, give feedback on. The Tech Preview goes out shortly. If I have invites, I will offer them up here.

Congrats to the Live Mesh team and thanks for solving a major pain point. If you’re a consumer and asking, “Huh?” to all of this, check out the On10 Video.

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