Back and just in time for MIX

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted.  A lot going on as of late so here’s a quick rundown on activities and topics I’m going to write about during flights:

  • Mix Update. The teams have been working incredibly heard in preparation for the MIX conference next week.  I’ve seen a sneak preview of some of the demos and think attendees won’t be disappointed. 
  • Silverlight 2 coming. ScottGu (now a newly minted VP!) provides a glimpse into Silverlight 2 on his blog.  If you can’t be at MIX this year, don’t fret- the videos will be posted on the Web shortly after the events thanks to Jeff Sandquist and team.
  • HD-DVD is dead.  You can start buying Blu-Ray discs now or just go the digital route- my preferred method of delivery
  • Apple TV Take 2.  Will I cancel my NetFlix and Comcast subscriptions?  Thoughts over the weekend and I’ll explain how you can score one for $99.
  • uStream as NannyCam.  Take an old IR-shot Sony DV camcorder, firewire and UStream my wife is addicted to her new Nannycam as a baby monitor.  I also hacked together a Vista Sidebar gadget for her which I may post. Now if only it was available in Silverlight…
  • Dell XPS m1330. – my new and best laptop ever, despite the crapware
  • New Silverlight site launchesCongrats to the team!
  • MyNetflix Plugin for Media Center – Another reason why I need to put a full PC in the living room?
  • Playing with CubeDesktop and loving it.  A must for any power user (thanks Chris)

One response to “Back and just in time for MIX”

  1. So, how can you get an Apple TV Take 2 for $99?

    – Mike