Vaporware no more: Windows Mobile 6 for Samsung Blackjack now available!

Having reported here my frustration with AT&T and Samsung’s silence, it would appear Sammy just released the Windows Mobile 6 update for owners of the Samsung Blackjack mobile phone, months after the BlackJack II went on sale with WM6 pre-installed and nearly a year since its announce.  Note that you will need WinXP or lower OS to do the update.  What’s interesting is that Samsung is not only making this available, but noting it is "highly recommended to be installed":

Where Do I Obtain Windows Mobile 6 For My SGH-i607 (BlackJack) And What Does The Update Do?
Samsung has released a software upgrade for the BlackJack, which is highly recommended to be installed. This update includes an upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.0 and numerous enhancements/corrections. The update may take up to 10 minutes to complete if the system is already set up.

Download and additional details: Windows Mobile 6 upgrade for Samsung BlackJack.

One response to “Vaporware no more: Windows Mobile 6 for Samsung Blackjack now available!”

  1. Just got home from a work trip, installed WM6 on my dust-collecting BJ, and listed it on ebay. Too bad they dragged their feet – I really did like the Blackjack. But I like WM6 more and didn’t feel like waiting…