HP to offer Media Center Extender on new MediaSmart TVs, Receivers

Earlier this AM, HP shot me a mail with the latest details on announcements they’re making for CES.  Here’s the latest:

  • MediaSmart Receiver – works with XP and Vista PCs, offering wireless delivery of media via 802.11 ABGN and is also DivX certified.  Includes a Pocket Media Drive slot on the front for the big files and will offer Media Center Extender support this spring via an Internet-delivered update.  No note on whether that’s an additional cost.
  • MediaSmart TVs – Updated 1080p TV’s with three (3) HDMI ports, wired and wireless connectivity and (drumroll please) Media Center Extender support built in!
  • Media Vault and Media Vault Pro – Home "NAS Plus" offerings in 500GB and 1GB offerings for the Media Vault mv2100, and up to 1.5TB for the mv5100. Both include Photo Webshare and iTunes server features previously seen in HP MediaSmart servers. These units are Linux-based, unlike the HP MediaSmart Server which is powered by Windows Home Server.

All products will be available in Spring 2008