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Jake’s got some great guidance here for those of you going to this year’s CES.  After 7 years of attendance, I’m sitting this one out and going to watch from afar.  A few more suggestions:


1.  Bring a 3 prong Multi-Outlet Adapter – you know, one of those little doo-dads that turns one 3-prong plug into three.  Now, when you get to McCarran airport and can’t find an outlet during your flight delay, you can share with a spare.

2.  Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate – drink 2x as much water as you think you need.  Stop by the grocery store in Las Vegas and stock up or you’ll pay $$$$ elsewhere. We used to get palettes of water at the local store and bring them into LVCC for the booth staff.

3.  Bring Mints for you and others – you’re sure to encounter others who after last night’s bender didn’t rush home and brush their teeth.  A polite offering of a mint as you take one can often improve the persons outlook – with you and others.

4.  Bring Airborne – Placebo effect or actual benefit,it doesn’t taste bad and can help ensure you’re more in balance beyond vitamin B suggested by Jake.  I’m also a fan of melatonin if you’re from a different time zone.

Hope that helps, as always be sure to share your CES war stories and tips here.

Update: Even more great suggestions from LiveDigitally’s Jeremy Toeman here.

CES Survival Guide – 7 Tips For a Successful Consumer Electronic Show ~ Jake Ludington’s Digital Lifestyle

2 thoughts on “CES Survival Guide – 7 Tips For a Successful Consumer Electronic Show ~ Jake Ludington’s Digital Lifestyle

  1. Dave Zatz says:

    Good call – water, mints, and many comfortable pairs of athletic socks. Hopefully whomever’s coordinating my booth will have the water covered, though I have no problem refilling a plastic bottle at water fountains or sinks. Normally I travel with a Monster Outlets To Go adapter (3 port), but I’ve got so much work crap to power and charge I’m also bringing a full-on power strip for the hotel room. Wireless router too.

    Last year I tethered my Sprint 6700 phone as an EVDO modem for wireless connectivity just about everywhere. This year, I’ve got a dedicated EVDO USB stick that works on both my laptops. Great for work and for blogging.

    Unfortunately, I already tired and feel a cold coming on but I head out tomorrow… I’ll definitely be sleeping in January 12th.

  2. I feel for you Dave. The powerstrip is a must-have for folks like us. I also carry my Blackjack as a wireless modem on trips which can be essential

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