Verizon hub for FIOS customers

image Unfortunately I live in an area unlikely to get Verizon FiOS fiber-optic ultra broadband TV, internet and voice service, but that doesn’t mean I can’t pine for the goodies that go with it.  According to this Verizon Site, coming soon is the Verizon hub:

Simplify your life at home and stay connected.
News. Weather. Directory. Maps. Calender. Memo Pad.
And yes, it’s also a phone.

Let’s hope it works better than Verizon can spell "Calendar" 😉

Verizon – verizon hub

One response to “Verizon hub for FIOS customers”

  1. This is the evolution of an earlier product line which tanked. Mari and I checked it out at Verizon in July:

    I don’t think there’s a market for this sort of device. At least not from a service provider. An agnostic widget station could be another story. However, with on-screen STB widgets and laptops so low in price these days, how many people want this?

    PS You’d only need Verizon DSL for this solution, not FiOS.