TiVo adds MusicChoice service, Music Videos on demand

TiVo has been on a bit of a tear as of late.  Today. they released MusicChoice for TiVo. I’m watching Bon Jovi’s, "Lost Highway" while writing this (you can take the boy out of Jersey…) but here’s the deal – the service may appeal to some but without pre-programmed playlists ala radio stations on Comcast, I don’t see a lot of value here other than another slightly confusing way to get to video.

One interesting thing to note is that they’re offering 15sec pre-roll ads as a part of the experience.  The quality is pretty good overall and starts up quickly.  So in that vein, here are three services I’d like to see on TiVo:

  • Karaoke downloads
  • Traffic – a real traffic map w/ video
  • NetFlix – live streaming & browse/add to queue

TiVo | TiVo Boosts Its Robust Broadband Offering With the Addition of the Music Choice Network’s Vast Library of Music Videos and Original Music Programming