AT&T Windows Mobile 6 for Treo 750 goes live, Blackjack users pass out from holding breath

I’m getting reports of AT&T Blackjack users passing out from holding their breath waiting for the Windows Mobile 6 update to be released by Samsung.  If you believe what you read in the forums, AT&T reps are quietly noting that the software is done, and Samsung needs to release it.  Last April, a ROM image "Leaked" out of AT&T that appeared to be nearly done.  So where is it? 

Plenty of conspiracy stories running around in the over 2000 posts on the topic on HowardForums, some report Samsung is waiting for the Blackjack II (now shipping with WM6) to have a period of exclusivity before issuing the update for existing Blackjack users.  This seems a little far-fetched but you never know.  In the meantime, AT&T ended up shutting down the WM6/Blackjack forums in October and merging all WM6 discussion due the natives getting unecessarily restless.  It’s been nearly eight months since the announcement was made, ten months since WM6 was released and the Blackjackers are feeling jacked.

Latest thread on AT&T is going strong here.  The watch continues on one of the worst customer communication experiences I’ve seen in years.

AT&T Windows Mobile 6 for Treo 750 goes live! | The Boy Genius Report