Give your feedback on Microsoft's Connected Entertainment Scenarios

One of my favorite people in eHome, Charlie Owen notes, "I’m going to head up an effort here at Microsoft between the Media Center, XBox and Zune teams to give you a set of resources which help you put our products together and begin to realize the ‘Connected Home’ dream." 

An admirable start. As I’ve noted here, I would like to see the merging of Windows Home Server and Media Center, and perhaps a wireless home automation component, though I have yet to use it beyond my Logitech Harmony remote. 

I’d also like to see a, "Buy anywhere, Watch anywhere" merging of the Marketplaces in Xbox 360, Zune, and Media Center.

Give Charlie your feedback in comments on his blog here.

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3 responses to “Give your feedback on Microsoft's Connected Entertainment Scenarios”

  1. Here are the comments I posted on Charlie’s website:

    1. Why two media players for Zune vs non-Zune folks. Have one media player for both.
    2. Why different marketplaces for WMP, Zune and Xbox 360…Have one marketplace that works for all. If I download a show from Xbox 360, I can’t watch it on the 360 MCE extender or the Zune. That doesn’t make sense.
    3. More of a complaint, but I just read that the new zune software is doing away with the five star rating systems and going to a heart/broken heart (like/dislike) system. This new rating system is incompatible with WMP and MCE’s system and their auto playlists feature. Even itunes has the five-star system. Get that, the ipod is more compatible with MCE and WMP than MS’s own Zune.

  2. ‘Buy anywhere, watch anywhere’ is critical – especially in light of Apple’s tight digital media ecosystem. Consumers don’t have to ask or figure out what works, where (as long as it’s an Apple product).

    In addition to "Media Center, XBox and Zune teams" integration, whatever beefed up Zune interface/functionality/interoperability this initiative produces must land on Windows Mobile phones. I want to carry fewer devices. However, I do have a Classic Zune on standby waiting for the software update next week.

  3. XBOX and HD DVD SUX BALLS! PS3 and Blur Ray are better get over it