Xbox Friends Watch Gadget powered by Silverlight

1740762008_37e32fee86[1]Sometimes there’s just so much good stuff happening that I miss out.  I was browsing the Facebook community for Silverlight (nearly 1000 strong now) and a picture caught my eye.  There was  Adam Kinney’s Xbox Friends Watch gadget.  Designed for Windows Vista Sidebar and built with Silverlight, pick the friends you want to track (by gamertag) and you can see online status, browse through latest games and more. 

Adam is one of my favorite inventors in our Developer & Platform Evangelism group.  Simple, yet functional.  Kudos Adam, kudos.

2 responses to “Xbox Friends Watch Gadget powered by Silverlight”

  1. This is great stuff, something that I just this minute, I am so glad Silverlight has enabled developers to have such amazing flexibility in what they do on the Windows platform. Great news about the Facebook group, I’ll be sure to join asap. 🙂

    Josh Chandler