Oh my, I want an Eye-Fi!

Eye-Fi Card, Wireless 2GB SD Memory CardChris and Ponzi came over for a fun-filled evening on Saturday night.  Chris, never one to be without a gadget had a little orange gem in tow.  He was raving about the Eye-Fi, a combo 2GB SD and WiFi card that automatically uploads your pictures to the web.  I was floored when I saw it in action.  It works with all the major services- Kodak, Wal-Mart, Flickr, Snapfish, Photobucket, Facebook, Webshots, Sicasa, Phanfare and so many more.  Just pop it into any camera and away you go.  Reportedly with an SD to CFII converter, it will work in DSLR’s as well.  Chris snapped a picture and immediately it showed up on his account after being paired on my WiFi network and the small client software installed.

I was going to put this on my christmas list but I’m realizing this is just what I need for Thanksgiving and Christmas morning.  I can’t wait as family members are increasingly wanting near-realtime pictures and the like.  So I’m going to try and pick one up and evaluate it in full for you here.