TiVo to offer Rhapsody Music Service

In what is sure to be a smart business move for TiVo, they’ve announced that they’re bringing Rhapsody’s music service and the ability to download any of four million digital track into the living room.

There are some limitations according to the New York Times– TiVo owners can’t move music around their homes or transport songs from TiVo to a mobile device.  These are both well understood and limited issues given that most consumers will just save the music to a playlist, and then sync  from their PC. 

This is great progress to see for TiVo. Their support for application extensions has languished and ISV community fizzled in part due to the lack of rich graphical capabilities such as what Media Center + Xbox 360 extenders can offer.  First MTV, now this, Rhapsody seems to be building out a new playbook.  I have to wonder- does Rhapsody have a Media Center solution waiting in the wings?

One response to “TiVo to offer Rhapsody Music Service”

  1. I’m underwhelmed, but then again, I am not a Rhapsody user. All this amounts to is access through TiVo, which isnt as big of a deal. It would have been much more interesting/compelling if TiVo-only access to Rhapsody cost less than TiVo-less service.