Silverlight wins CNet Webware 100 award

ww100_winner_badge CNet’s Webware site is billed as “Cool apps for everyone”. So when we heard that Silverlight was nominated for a “Webware 100 Award” in the publishing category we were elated. Today, the 100 best Web 2.0 products were announced, chosen by you.

So on the heels of the Popfly PC World announcement, you can imagine my surprise when I learned about two hours ago (under embargo) that Silverlight is a Webware 100 winner. My favorite quote:

We’re already starting to see some pretty good-looking Silverlight Web applications crop up, although the platform is both young and lacks some of the expert developers that Flash has under its belt. Given time though, this could be the next big thing.

And we’re only in Beta. Congratulations to the Silverlight (and Popfly) teams!